May 2020 update

The journey continues. This month my savings decreased to $1,500 due to paying down debt. My retirement savings increased to $83,500. My net worth improved to -$22,350. I received $96 in dividends this month. It is very encouraging to see my passive income stream growing.

I continue to work on figuring out my investing strategy. Currently my top three holdings are Microsoft, Disney and the etf DGRO. There are so many good companies to invest in it is hard sometimes to pick the ones that are best for me. I try to keep up with the financial news on a daily basis. This is both a good and bad thing. It provides me the information needed to stay up with the latest events affecting my investments. The down side is there are so many articles and YouTube channels that promote “buy this stock now!”. I find myself sometimes buying into the hype and not doing enough of my own research before buying stocks. As the journey to spend less, earn more, pay down debt, invest and stay invested continues I will need to improve my investing discipline and continue to develop my investing strategy.

Published by Bill

I am just a blue collar factory worker trying to reach financial independence by spending less, earning more, saving and investing.

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