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June 2020 update


Another month has gone by and my journey continues. My savings dropped again this month down to $1,350 as I continue to pay down debt. My IRA and 401K continue to grow, up to a combined $86,000. This was a great month for dividend income in which I received $262 in passive dividend income. For the year I have received $405 in dividends. This progress in dividend income motivates me invest more. My top three investments continue to be Microsoft, Disney and DGRO. My net worth improved to -$18,500.

These are definitely strange times. In late March my company basically shutdown due to the pandemic running just one shift with a skeleton crew and very limited production. I was fortunate enough to be part of the skeleton crew and did not lose any income. This month my company began ramping up production and adding back employees, restarting the afternoon shift and at the end of the month midnight shift restarted. This meant that I returned to working the midnight shift this month. Through all of this I continue to spend less, earn more, pay down debt, invest and stay invested.

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