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September 2020 update


This month seen my savings continue grow to $3,500. My retirement savings did drop a little bit this month down to $95,700. While the overall value of my account dropped it was my best month of the year for dividends at $370. For the year my dividend income is $1,101. Option income for the month was $298. For the year option income is $881. My top 3 positions in the IRA are Microsoft, cash and Verizon. The Tortoise Acquisition position was sold off because the covered call I sold reached the strike price and my shares were assigned. With the option premium and capital gains I made almost $2,200 in profit on my $2,600 position in Tortoise Acquisition. I sold a lot of positions this month as I still work on figuring out my investing strategy. One of my big issues is that there are so many good companies to invest in and I want to invest in all of them. My IRA had grown to more than 60 positions which is too much for me to keep track of at this point. My net worth improved this month to -$1,900. I am somewhat overwhelmed by how making some small changes in my life to spend less, earn more, pay down debt and invest has had such a dramatic impact on improving my financial situation.

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