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December 2020 update

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It is time for another monthly update. This brings to a close my first year of taking charge of my finances. This month seen my savings go up to $3,500. The retirement accounts continued to grow this month reaching a total of $108,000. Dividend income this month was $306. For the year I made $1,878 in dividends. This was a good start for my first year investing and the projections for next year look even better. The image below shows that I should make $3,402 in dividends in 2021 from my traditional IRA.

This month I made $340 in option premiums. For the year I made $2,157 in option premiums. This is an area I will look to improve upon next year. My top 3 holdings at the end of the month are Realty Income Corp, Verizon and Microsoft. My net worth continues to improve and is now up to $16,000.

This year was an interesting one to say the least. The pandemic and the economic fallout because of it created a lot of uncertainty this year. I am thankful that I decided to take charge of my financial life this year. This decision provided some stability in my life this year as I followed my plan to spend less, earn more, pay down debt, invest and stay invested.

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