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My Investing This Week 2/27/21


This was a very busy week of investing for me, not so much on the dividends but a lot of buys and options trading. Let’s get into it and check it out below.


This was a very light week for dividends received. I received a $5.66 dividend payment from Citigroup $C and a $.01 dividend from my Fidelity Government Money Market account. Total dividends received for the week was $5.67. All of the dividends that were received were reinvested.


There was a lot of buying activity this week due to the infusion of cash from 100 shares of Realty Income Corp $O being assigned from a covered call last week, my monthly contributions to the Traditional and Roth IRAs and premiums received from options trading.

Buys in the Traditional IRA include the following:

Buys in the Roth IRA include the following:

All of the buys this week were additions to previously established positions. There were no buys in the taxable growth account this week. I did not sell any positions in any of my brokerage accounts this week.


The covered calls I sold this week are listed below:

The cash covered puts I sold this week are listed below:

The total option premiums received after fees this week was $216.50 which was reinvested into the account.

Covered calls on Altria Group $MO and AT&T $T expired out of the money.

Account Updates

The Traditional IRA finished the week at $104,774. This is down $1,778 from the previous week. My 401k finished the week at $6,000 which is up $55 over the previous week. The only reason the 401k is up though is due to the contributions made this week being greater than the losses the account incurred during the market selloff this week. The Roth IRA finished the week at $259. This is down $6 from the previous week. The taxable growth account finished the week at $153.46. This is down by more than $24, over 13%. This account is in the brokerage M1 Finance. You can check it out here . M1 Finance offers different promotions for signing up and funding an account. Often it is a free $10 but recently the promotion was for $30 which expires at the end of February 2021. If you are interested in a M1 Finance account and would like to support the blog you can use my referral link which will allow me to receive the promotion as well. As always, check the current terms before signing up with M1 Finance. Combined, my accounts went down a little of $1,750 this week.

Wrap Up

The markets sold off a little bit this week but I do not believe it is time worry. I stayed with my plan of continuing to add money and buy assets to increase my passive income. I was able to increase my position in $DGRO to over 100 shares like I wanted to and add to some other positions as well. The dividends were pretty light this week while the options premium was decent. Combined the dividends and options premium gave me $222.17 to reinvest into the portfolio. Another week has passed by and I continue to try to build my wealth in order to achieve financial freedom.

*Disclaimer – I am not a financial professional. The information shared here should not be considered financial advice. I am just a factory worker sharing my experience as I strive to achieve financial freedom. Before investing or making any financial decision do your own research and due diligence and consider seeking the advice of a financial and/or tax professional.

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