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Weekly Investing Review 4/3/21


This week was a good week for dividends received. Outside of that, there was not a whole lot of activity in the accounts this week. Let’s check it out.


This week I received the following dividends in the Roth IRA:

In the Traditional IRA I received the following dividends this week:

The total amount of dividends received this week was $136.86. All were reinvested except the Vanguard Small-Cap Index Fund (VB) distribution due to the fact I sold out of that position last week.


There was no buying or selling in the Roth IRA this week. In the Traditional IRA the following activity occurred:

My monthly contribution of $25 hit the taxable growth account in M1 Finance on April 1 and triggered the following buys:

Overall there was not much activity on the buying and selling front this week.

Options Trading

It was also a slow week for options trading this week. Listed below are the transactions for the week:

A covered call for Verizon (VZ) expired out of the money on 4/1/21. Total options premium received this week was $42.80.

Account Updates

The Traditional IRA finished the week at $111,915 which is up $136 over last week.

The 401k finished the week at $6,432 which is up $40 over the previous week.

The Roth IRA finished the week at $353 which is up $3 over the previous week.

The taxable growth account with M1 Finance finished the week at $198. This is up $34 over last week but does include a contribution of $25. If you would like to see the holdings in this account you can here: .

Wrap Up

The total combined dividends and options premium this week was $179.66. It is nice to a see a stream of income come into the accounts on a weekly basis. This “extra” money will be reinvested into the accounts to enable the accounts to grow. The growth account rebounded a little bit this week after being down quite a bit the past few weeks. Well, that’s about it for this week.

*Disclaimer – I am not a financial professional. The information shared here should not be considered financial advice. I am just a factory worker sharing my experience as I strive to achieve financial freedom. Before investing or making any financial decision do your own research and due diligence and consider seeking the advice of a financial and/or tax professional.

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