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Weekly Investing Review 4/10/21


This was a rather boring week. I only received a small amount of dividends this week. Buys/sells and options trading were minimal this week. The good news is the account balances are up this week. I will always take a boring week if the accounts are growing. Let’s check out the details for the week.


This week I received the following dividends in the Roth IRA:

In the Traditional IRA I received the following dividends this week:

This week was a pretty slow week for dividends. The total dividends received this week $13.13. All the dividends were put back into the account to keep the compounding growing.


There were no buys or sells in the Roth IRA except for the reinvestment of dividends received this week.

The following is the activity in the Traditional IRA this week:

Overall it was a fairly quiet week when it comes to activity in the accounts.

Options Trading

I only made one options trade this week which is listed below:

The total option premium received this week was $11.36.

Account Updates

The Traditional IRA finished the week at $112,980 which is up about $1,065 over last week. The gains were really good this week.

The 401k finished the week at $6,659 which is up about $227 over last week. This amount includes the normal bi-weekly contribution.

The Roth IRA finished the week at $358 which is up about $5 over last week.

The taxable growth account with M1 finance finished the week at $204 which is up about $6 or 3% from last week. You can see all of the positions in this account here:

The total amount invested across all accounts is $120,201. The gains this week totaled $1,303.

Wrap Up

The combined income from dividends and options premium this week was $24.49. It is not much but every little bit counts when trying to build wealth. Recently I have been selling out of a few positions. This is due to a slight change in strategy. Between the Traditional IRA, the Roth IRA and the M1 account I now have 98 positions. The Traditional IRA has 51 positions. I have come to the realization that this too many positions for me to effectively manage. I am starting to go through some positions and removing those that I do not have a high conviction in. I am not sure how many positions I will end up with but I will continue to review and evaluate my positions to come with a total number of positions that I am comfortable with managing. Thank you for your time and that’s all for this week.

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