My Investing This Week 2/27/21

This was a very busy week of investing for me, not so much on the dividends but a lot of buys and options trading. Let’s get into it and check it out below. Dividends This was a very light week for dividends received. I received a $5.66 dividend payment from Citigroup $C and a $.01Continue reading “My Investing This Week 2/27/21”

Weekly Update 2/20/21

Dividends This week I received the following dividends: Stag Industrial $STAG $.12 (This is the first dividend received in the Roth IRA) Proctor & Gamble $PG $17.49 Realty Income Corp $O $30.89 Enterprise Prods Partners $EPD $24.09 (technically return of capital) Abbvie $ABBV $32.90 Main Street Capital $MAIN $.13 (Roth IRA) The total dividends receivedContinue reading “Weekly Update 2/20/21”

week update 2/13/21

Dividends This week I received the following dividends: Texas Instruments $TXN $10.33 British American Tobacco $BTI $10.11 Plains All American Pipeline $PAA $18.00 (technically return of capital instead of a dividend) Total received for the week $38.44. All proceeds were reinvested. Buys/Sells This week I sold my positions in the ETFs $QQQ Invesco Nasdaq 100Continue reading “week update 2/13/21”

Dividends or Growth?

Which investing strategy is better, dividends or growth? To be honest, I do not know. As a blue collar factory worker the dividend strategy works best for me. It fits into my mindset for making money. My time horizon is only 10 years until I quit working so generating income for retirement is a bigContinue reading “Dividends or Growth?”

January 2021 Update

January was a busy month. We have seen political unrest, a new administration inaugurated, the pandemic raged on even as vaccines were rolled out, retail investors taking on hedge funds and the stock market ended the month lower. Despite all of this going on this month I was able to stay calm and stick toContinue reading “January 2021 Update”

Short Squeeze? Market Volatility?

This week has been an interesting week in the stock market. Retail investors took on hedge fund managers, reddit vs. Wall Street. Many companies reported earnings this week. Companies such as Facebook and Apple reported strong earnings but seen the share price drop. Overall, the stock market was down this week. What does all ofContinue reading “Short Squeeze? Market Volatility?”

How I learned (and continue to learn) about personal finance and investing

When I started my journey to financial freedom a little over a year ago I sought several resources to help educate myself in the areas of personal finance and investing. Some of the resources I turned to included books, websites and You Tube videos. At first I was mainly interested in getting my debt underContinue reading “How I learned (and continue to learn) about personal finance and investing”