Investing in ARK Funds

ARK Invest, led by Cathie Wood, offers several exchange traded funds with the focus on disruptive innovation. The five actively managed ARK funds have had amazing returns recently. The following is the returns for the actively managed ETFs for 1 year as of November 30, 2020: -ARK Innovation ETF (ARKK) 123% -Autonomous Technology and RoboticsContinue reading “Investing in ARK Funds”

December 2020 update

It is time for another monthly update. This brings to a close my first year of taking charge of my finances. This month seen my savings go up to $3,500. The retirement accounts continued to grow this month reaching a total of $108,000. Dividend income this month was $306. For the year I made $1,878Continue reading “December 2020 update”

November 2020 update

This month was a great month. I continue to pay down debt which caused my savings to drop to $3,200. My retirement accounts took off this month finishing the month at almost $104,500. Dividends received this month totaled $277 bringing the total for the year to $1,571. This was my best month yet for optionContinue reading “November 2020 update”

October 2020 update

It is time for another monthly update. This month my savings decreased slightly to $3,450. This is to be expected as I continue to pay down debt. It was another rough month for the stock market in which my retirement savings dropped to $93,500. October was also not a great month for dividends. I receivedContinue reading “October 2020 update”

September 2020 update

This month seen my savings continue grow to $3,500. My retirement savings did drop a little bit this month down to $95,700. While the overall value of my account dropped it was my best month of the year for dividends at $370. For the year my dividend income is $1,101. Option income for the monthContinue reading “September 2020 update”

August 2020 update

Another month has come and gone and my progress toward financial freedom continues at a better than expected. I continued to stick with my budget and spending less. My savings grew this month to $3,300. My retirement savings grew a lot this month to $96,500. My top 3 holdings are Microsoft, Tortoise Acquisition and Verizon.Continue reading “August 2020 update”