May 2020 update

The journey continues. This month my savings decreased to $1,500 due to paying down debt. My retirement savings increased to $83,500. My net worth improved to -$22,350. I received $96 in dividends this month. It is very encouraging to see my passive income stream growing. I continue to work on figuring out my investing strategy.Continue reading “May 2020 update”

April 2020 update

This was a really good month. My combined 401k and IRA retirement savings grew to approximately $80,000. I continue to learn more about investing. I still do not have a solid investment plan. I am leaning toward dividend investing. I looked at several Dividend Aristocrats and added some to my portfolio such as Emerson Electric,Continue reading “April 2020 update”

March 2020 update

This is the most exciting month so far but also it was very scary. My savings increased to $1,275. I opened a checking account at a local credit union that pays 4% interest. My retirement savings grew to over $72,000. Also, the money from my previous employer finally rolled over into my IRA on MarchContinue reading “March 2020 update”

January 2020 update

By the end January I had started to see some improvement in my finances. Admittedly, the progress was small but I was excited to be making progress in a positive direction. My savings increased from $546 to $794 which included to opening of a high yield savings account. My retirement savings increased from $69,644 toContinue reading “January 2020 update”

Taking charge of my financial life

Towards the end of the 2019 I began to really look at my life. A made a major decision to leave my job of 14 years. I was working too many hours and under a lot of stress at work which was having a negative impact on my life. The commute to and from workContinue reading “Taking charge of my financial life”