February 2020 Update

This month seen my savings increase again. I now have $580 in savings and $360 in the high yield savings account for a total of $940. My retirement also increased to $70,500. I continue to slowly chip away at my debt. My net worth at the end of the month is -$41,785. Progress is slowContinue reading “February 2020 Update”

January 2020 update

By the end January I had started to see some improvement in my finances. Admittedly, the progress was small but I was excited to be making progress in a positive direction. My savings increased from $546 to $794 which included to opening of a high yield savings account. My retirement savings increased from $69,644 toContinue reading “January 2020 update”

Taking charge of my financial life

Towards the end of the 2019 I began to really look at my life. A made a major decision to leave my job of 14 years. I was working too many hours and under a lot of stress at work which was having a negative impact on my life. The commute to and from workContinue reading “Taking charge of my financial life”