April 2021 Financial Update

April has come and gone. I continue to work my financial plan. The progress made this month was good. The longer I work my plan the easier it becomes to work my plan. Let’s take a look at how the month of April shook out! Spending/Savings Spending was down from normal this month. The mainContinue reading “April 2021 Financial Update”

March 2021 Financial Update

Another month has come and gone. I continue to make progress on my financial goals. I continue to keep my spending in check and continue to save. It was a good month for dividends but I took a hit on options trading. My debt continues to decrease. The retirement accounts continue to grow in value.Continue reading “March 2021 Financial Update”

February 2021 Financial Update

The road to financial freedom is not a freeway for most of us. It is a winding road with many ups and downs. The key, at least for me, is to set goals and tune out the outside noise as I navigate the road to financial freedom. Another month has passed so let’s take aContinue reading “February 2021 Financial Update”

January 2021 Update

January was a busy month. We have seen political unrest, a new administration inaugurated, the pandemic raged on even as vaccines were rolled out, retail investors taking on hedge funds and the stock market ended the month lower. Despite all of this going on this month I was able to stay calm and stick toContinue reading “January 2021 Update”

How I learned (and continue to learn) about personal finance and investing

When I started my journey to financial freedom a little over a year ago I sought several resources to help educate myself in the areas of personal finance and investing. Some of the resources I turned to included books, websites and You Tube videos. At first I was mainly interested in getting my debt underContinue reading “How I learned (and continue to learn) about personal finance and investing”

November 2020 update

This month was a great month. I continue to pay down debt which caused my savings to drop to $3,200. My retirement accounts took off this month finishing the month at almost $104,500. Dividends received this month totaled $277 bringing the total for the year to $1,571. This was my best month yet for optionContinue reading “November 2020 update”