How I learned (and continue to learn) about personal finance and investing

When I started my journey to financial freedom a little over a year ago I sought several resources to help educate myself in the areas of personal finance and investing. Some of the resources I turned to included books, websites and You Tube videos. At first I was mainly interested in getting my debt underContinue reading “How I learned (and continue to learn) about personal finance and investing”

December 2020 update

It is time for another monthly update. This brings to a close my first year of taking charge of my finances. This month seen my savings go up to $3,500. The retirement accounts continued to grow this month reaching a total of $108,000. Dividend income this month was $306. For the year I made $1,878Continue reading “December 2020 update”

November 2020 update

This month was a great month. I continue to pay down debt which caused my savings to drop to $3,200. My retirement accounts took off this month finishing the month at almost $104,500. Dividends received this month totaled $277 bringing the total for the year to $1,571. This was my best month yet for optionContinue reading “November 2020 update”

October 2020 update

It is time for another monthly update. This month my savings decreased slightly to $3,450. This is to be expected as I continue to pay down debt. It was another rough month for the stock market in which my retirement savings dropped to $93,500. October was also not a great month for dividends. I receivedContinue reading “October 2020 update”

September 2020 update

This month seen my savings continue grow to $3,500. My retirement savings did drop a little bit this month down to $95,700. While the overall value of my account dropped it was my best month of the year for dividends at $370. For the year my dividend income is $1,101. Option income for the monthContinue reading “September 2020 update”

August 2020 update

Another month has come and gone and my progress toward financial freedom continues at a better than expected. I continued to stick with my budget and spending less. My savings grew this month to $3,300. My retirement savings grew a lot this month to $96,500. My top 3 holdings are Microsoft, Tortoise Acquisition and Verizon.Continue reading “August 2020 update”