Savings, Debt & Investing: My View

When it comes to saving money, paying off debt and investing there are many different views on how and when each should be done. I personally believe that there is not a set in stone, one size fits all solution for saving, debt and investing. I believe that the best system is the system thatContinue reading “Savings, Debt & Investing: My View”

Weekly Investing Review 3/13/21

This week was a relatively slow week for investing activities. The dividends received were really good this week. Let’s check out how things went this week. Dividends No dividends were received in the Roth IRA this week. The following dividends were received in the Traditional IRA this week: Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) $23.39 Hanesbrands (HBI)Continue reading “Weekly Investing Review 3/13/21”

Dividends, Options and Investing This Week

This week was a little bit of a roller coaster ride in the stock market. I don’t mind when the stock market drops because I see it as a buying opportunity. I get excited at the chance to buy more future income on sale. This week saw a lot of activity across all of myContinue reading “Dividends, Options and Investing This Week”

January 2021 Update

January was a busy month. We have seen political unrest, a new administration inaugurated, the pandemic raged on even as vaccines were rolled out, retail investors taking on hedge funds and the stock market ended the month lower. Despite all of this going on this month I was able to stay calm and stick toContinue reading “January 2021 Update”