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Overall Portfolio

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Each week I update this list of all the holdings in my overall portfolio. If you are interested in checking out my journey to financial freedom click here to see my blog posts.

Updated 6/4/2023

Overall portfolio value: $143,248.54

Overall dividend yield: 3.99%

Projected annual dividend income (PADI): $5,719.31

Traditional IRA

Updated 6/4/2023

Account Value: $114,345.83
79.823% of portfolio

Dividend yield: 4.40%

PADI: $5,027.36

TickerDescriptionSharesCost BasisCurrent Value% of account% of portfolio
AVGOBroadcom Inc6.094$263.96$4,948.334.33%3.454%
BEPCBrookfield Renewable Corp111.205$32.47$3,898.853.41%2.722%
BTIBritish American Tobacco PLC39.369$32.80$1,266.501.11%0.884%
CVSCVS Health Corp56.398$55.89$3,947.303.45%2.756%
ENBEnbridge Inc111.163$30.68$4,160.833.64%2.905%
EPDEnterprise Products Partners LP109.999$16.70$2,852.272.49%1.991%
JNJJohnson & Johnson25.608$125.14$4,019.693.52%2.806%
LMTLockheed Martin Corp11.433$333.31$5,196.184.54%3.627%
LOWLowe’s Companies Inc17.508$94.05$3,673.353.21%2.564%
MMM3M Co27.213$135.31$2,790.152.44%1.948%
MOAltria Group Inc104.297$39.73$4,727.784.13%3.300%
MPWMedical Properties Trust Inc200$10.78$1,650.001.44%1.152%
MSFTMicrosoft Corp25.563$173.18$8,573.837.50%5.985%
ORealty Income Corp100.268$56.90$5,986.005.23%4.179%
PEPPepsiCo, Inc.22.539$125.50$4,148.533.63%2.896%
PGProcter & Gamble Co23.383$106.97$3,426.083.00%2.392%
PRUPrudential Financial Inc39.16$76.46$3,251.852.84%2.270%
SCHDSchwab US Dividend Equity ETF205.835$66.35$14,663.6912.82%10.237%
SMGScotts Miracle-Gro Co100$71.91$6,674.005.84%4.659%
TAT&T Inc.100.522$16.46$1,528.941.34%1.067%
TSCOTractor Supply Co15.73$165.24$3,322.022.91%2.319%
TXNTexas Instruments Inc15.997$125.93$2,803.152.45%1.957%
USBUS Bancorp213.903$38.66$6,789.285.94%4.740%
VZVerizon Communications Inc.111.839$53.19$3,867.393.38%2.700%
WPCWP Carey Inc57.285$56.05$4,044.893.54%2.824%

Roth IRA

Updated 6/4/23

Account Value: $8,435.18
5.888% of portfolio

Dividend yield: 8.15%

PADI: $687.41

TickerDescriptionSharesCost BasisCurrent Value% of account% of portfolio
AMTAmerican Tower Corp2.024$227.42$386.894.59%0.270%
CCICrown Castle Inc1.252$143.42$142.731.69%0.100%
DIVOAmplify CWP Enhanced Dividend Income ETF25.144$34.11$886.8310.51%0.619%
DLRDigital Realty Trust Inc3.811$109.18$401.304.76%0.280%
HBANHuntington Bancshares Incorporated35.252$12.03$383.894.55%0.268%
IIPRInnovative Industrial Properties Inc5.807$120.22$399.354.73%0.279%
JEPIJPMorgan Equity Premium Income ETF21.102$52.17$1,147.3213.60%0.801%
JEPQJPMorgan Nasdaq Equity Premium Income ETF18.035$41.63$850.7110.09%0.594%
MAINMain Street Capital Corp4.971$33.01$200.432.38%0.140%
MPWMedical Properties Trust Inc200.035$10.92$1,650.2919.56%1.152%
PMPhilip Morris International Inc.2.176$85.78$199.712.37%0.139%
SCHDSchwab US Dividend Equity ETF19.568$71.93$1,394.0216.53%0.973%
SCHYSchwab International Dividend Equity ETF7.217$23.34$172.272.04%0.120%
STAGStag Industrial Inc6.309$28.91$226.622.69%0.158%


Updated 6/4/2023

Account Value: $19,631.36
13.704% of portfolio
TickerDescriptionUnitsCurrent Value% of account% of portfolio
VBTLXVanguard Total Bond Market Index Fund Admiral Shares136.3919$1,447.127.37%1.010%
VTSAXVanguard Total Stock Market Index Fund Admiral Shares619.4371$15,116.0077.00%10.552%
DCMSXDFA Commodity Strategy Portfolio Institutional Class Shares188.2584$1,615.268.23%1.128%
VTIAXVanguard Total International Stock Index Fund Admiral Shares114.2283$1,452.987.40%1.014%

Taxable Brokerage Account

Updated 6/4/2023

Account Value: $818.40
0.571% of portfolio

Dividend yield: 0.56%

PADI: $4.54

The positions in this account can be seen here:

TickerDescriptionSharesCost BasisCurrent Value% of account% of portfolio, Inc.0.30482$125.65$37.874.63%0.026%
ASMLASML Holding NV0.04809$573.09$34.854.26%0.024%
BABAAlibaba Group Holding Ltd – ADR0.16192$162.67$13.641.67%0.010%
BIDUBaidu Inc0.06727$197.71$8.981.10%0.006%
CHWYChewy Inc0.58845$47.14$20.902.55%0.015%
CRSPCrispr Therapeutics AG0.33004$81.20$21.452.62%0.015%
DEDeere & Company0.0925$362.81$34.324.19%0.024%
GOOGAlphabet Inc Class C0.31778$104.63$39.804.86%0.028%
IRDMIridium Communications Inc0.13079$39.15$8.191.00%0.006%
JDJD.Com Inc0.1688$65.88$5.980.73%0.004%
LACLithium Americas Corp1.22496$20.82$25.983.17%0.018%
MELIMercadoLibre Inc0.02114$966.41$26.863.28%0.019%
METAMeta Platforms Inc0.18006$183.72$49.096.00%0.034%
MTLSMaterialise NV0.65636$25.25$6.640.81%0.005%
NVTAInvitae Corp6.09612$4.34$6.520.80%0.005%
PINSPinterest Inc0.68826$37.28$16.151.97%0.011%
PLTRPalantir Technologies Inc3.63187$8.27$52.736.44%0.037%
PSNLPersonalis Inc3.56467$4.43$7.340.90%0.005%
PSTGPure Storage Inc0.8004$23.31$27.413.35%0.019%
PYPLPayPal Holdings Inc0.31165$123.38$19.932.44%0.014%
QQQMInvesco NASDAQ 100 ETF0.47713$153.29$69.628.51%0.049%
ROKURoku Inc0.32837$107.47$19.752.41%0.014%
SCHDSchwab US Dividend Equity ETF0.92868$66.37$66.168.08%0.046%
SESea Ltd0.27077$122.17$16.081.96%0.011%
SHOPShopify Inc0.54411$51.15$31.723.88%0.022%
SOFISoFi Technologies Inc4.78241$5.90$33.624.11%0.023%
SQBlock Inc0.32593$111.07$20.682.53%0.014%
TDOCTeladoc Health Inc0.84223$48.57$20.622.52%0.014%
TRMBTrimble Inc0.13712$58.85$6.800.83%0.005%
VTIVanguard Total Stock Market Index Fund ETF0.312$235.29$66.378.11%0.046%


Updated 6/4/2023

Account Value: $17.78

0.012% of portfolio

Cryptocurrencies trade 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and can be very volatile. This is just a snapshot in time of my holdings in cryptocurrencies.

*Disclaimer – I am not a financial professional. The information shared here should not be considered financial advice. I am just a factory worker sharing my experience as I strive to achieve financial freedom. Before investing or making any financial decision do your own research and due diligence or consider seeking the advice of a financial and/or tax professional.

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