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My name is Bill. I have been a blue collar worker in a factory for 25+ years. After many years of living paycheck to paycheck I have decided it was time to make some changes. You are welcomed to follow along as I document the changes I am making in order to achieve financial freedom. This site is a work in progress so please bare with me while I develop the site.

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Dividends, Investing and Options Trading for Week Ending 7/16/21

The stock market was down this week but my accounts seemed to weather the storm fairly well. Some were up slightly while some were down slightly. Overall, my accounts managed to eke out a small gain from the previous week. Let’s check out the details! Dividends The following dividends were received in the Traditional IRAContinue reading “Dividends, Investing and Options Trading for Week Ending 7/16/21”

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*Disclaimer-I am not a financial advisor. This site is to track my financial journey and to allow others to follow along. Before making any financial decisions, please do your own due diligence and/or consult a financial professional.