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My name is Bill. I have been a blue collar worker in a factory for 25+ years. After many years of living paycheck to paycheck I have decided it was time to make some changes. You are welcomed to follow along as I document the changes I am making in order to achieve financial freedom. This site is a work in progress so please bare with me while I develop the site.

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Weekly Update 2/20/21

Dividends This week I received the following dividends: Stag Industrial $STAG $.12 (This is the first dividend received in the Roth IRA) Proctor & Gamble $PG $17.49 Realty Income Corp $O $30.89 Enterprise Prods Partners $EPD $24.09 (technically return of capital) Abbvie $ABBV $32.90 Main Street Capital $MAIN $.13 (Roth IRA) The total dividends receivedContinue reading “Weekly Update 2/20/21”

week update 2/13/21

Dividends This week I received the following dividends: Texas Instruments $TXN $10.33 British American Tobacco $BTI $10.11 Plains All American Pipeline $PAA $18.00 (technically return of capital instead of a dividend) Total received for the week $38.44. All proceeds were reinvested. Buys/Sells This week I sold my positions in the ETFs $QQQ Invesco Nasdaq 100Continue reading “week update 2/13/21”

Dividends or Growth?

Which investing strategy is better, dividends or growth? To be honest, I do not know. As a blue collar factory worker the dividend strategy works best for me. It fits into my mindset for making money. My time horizon is only 10 years until I quit working so generating income for retirement is a bigContinue reading “Dividends or Growth?”

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*Disclaimer-I am not a financial advisor. This site is to track my financial journey and to allow others to follow along. Before making any financial decisions, please do your own due diligence and/or consult a financial professional.