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RV-on-Fire This blog follows the journey of a couple who have achieved FIRE and are living the RV life. It covers topics from dividend investing, FIRE, RV camping, campground reviews and more.

Simple Dividend Growth This blog is about an average guy who is building dividend income.

HelloSuckers This blog covers dividend investing and options trading. It provides a transparent look at how he trades and grows the account.

FYI, I am a firm believer in gathering information from multiple sources then forming my own conclusions. In my opinion, it is important to hear all sides of an issue. I hope you take the time to check out some of the resources listed on this page.

YouTube channels

Retire With Less/GW ETF Channel This channel covers topics such as ETF reviews and options trading. My favorite is the Retire With Less series in which a paper portfolio is being tracked over time to show it is possible to retire with as little as $250,000.

Dapper Dividends with Russ Knopf Russ is a fellow blue collar worker who covers mainly dividend growth investing but also some cryptocurrency.

GenExDividendInvestor This channel covers various investing topics but mainly dividend investing. GenEx is currently living off his dividend income. His stock analysis has been very helpful for me.

Independent Investor My main takeaway from Ryan’s channel is that anyone can invest. His Friday night livestreams bring together like minded individuals in the investing community.

Passive Income Educator Two YouTubers who also have there own channels come together to talk investing. There Friday night livestreams are entertaining and insightful. Kyle and Matt work well together and provide me with different perspectives on investing.


My mobile phone maker of choice is Samsung. I have been extremely satisfied with the quality of my Samsung phones through the years. Samsung also offers a military discount to active duty personnel and veterans. Check it out here and receive up to 10% off your purchase:

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