week update 2/13/21


This week I received the following dividends:
  • Texas Instruments $TXN $10.33
  • British American Tobacco $BTI $10.11
  • Plains All American Pipeline $PAA $18.00 (technically return of capital instead of a dividend)

Total received for the week $38.44. All proceeds were reinvested.


This week I sold my positions in the ETFs $QQQ Invesco Nasdaq 100 fund and $FREL Fidelity Real Estate Fund. My buys this week included adding to $SCHD Schwab U.S. Dividend Fund, $DGRO iShares Core Dividend Growth Fund and $WPC W.P. Carey REIT.


I sold a cash secured put on $IVR Invesco Mortgage with a strike price of $4 and expiration date of 2/19/21 receiving $23.30 in premium after fees. I sold a covered call on $SCHD Schwab U.S. Dividend Fund with a strike price of $70 and expiration date of 3/19/21 receiving $32.30 in premium after fees. The total premium received for the week wad $55.60. Covered calls on $VZ Verizon, $T AT&T, $MO Altria Group and $PAA Plains All American Pipeline expired out of the money.

Account Updates

The Traditional IRA was up this week finishing at $106,953. The Roth IRA was up as well at $237. The taxable growth account had a good week, up about 6%. You can check out the account here: https://m1.finance/yhahVyq_HLoE . This account is on M1 Finance. If you are interested in opening an account with M1 Finance my referral link is https://m1.finance/ktIiFeOI5zDr . M1 offers various promotions. The current promotion is for $30 for free after you fund your account until the end of February 2021. If you use the referral link above I will also get $30. Always check the current terms before signing up.

Wrap up

This week I made some strategic moves with my buys and sells. I was able to use the proceeds from the sells to round out my position in $SCHD which is now more than 100 shares. I plan to continue to add to $DGRO in the future to get that position up to 100 shares. Between dividends and option income I received just over $94 all of which was reinvested into the accounts. I am slowly building wealth as work toward my goal of retiring in just over 10 years.

*Disclaimer – I am not a financial professional. The information shared here should not be considered financial advice. I am just a factory worker sharing my experience as I strive to achieve financial freedom. Before investing or making any financial decision do your own research and due diligence and consider seeking the advice of a financial and/or tax professional.

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