Weekly Dividends, Options and Investing 5/15/21

This week there was not much activity in the accounts. I did receive a fair amount of dividends this week. The markets pulled back this week. With the markets down this week, let’s take a look at what happened in my accounts and see how the accounts fared. Dividends This week I received the followingContinue reading “Weekly Dividends, Options and Investing 5/15/21”

Weekly Investing Review 5/8/21

This week was a very busy week of investing for me. It was a great week for dividends, there was a bunch of buys, a couple of sells, plenty of options trading and some of the accounts gained this week while others did not. Let’s check out the details. Dividends This week I received theContinue reading “Weekly Investing Review 5/8/21”

April 2021 Financial Update

April has come and gone. I continue to work my financial plan. The progress made this month was good. The longer I work my plan the easier it becomes to work my plan. Let’s take a look at how the month of April shook out! Spending/Savings Spending was down from normal this month. The mainContinue reading “April 2021 Financial Update”