June 2021 Financial Update: Savings, Dividends, Options and Investing

Another month has gone by which means I am one more month closer to financial freedom. This month saw some challenges but finished as a positive month. I continue to work my plan and it is bearing fruit. Let’s take a look at my progress this month. Spending/Savings Spending was up this month. The mainContinue reading “June 2021 Financial Update: Savings, Dividends, Options and Investing”

Savings, Debt & Investing: My View

When it comes to saving money, paying off debt and investing there are many different views on how and when each should be done. I personally believe that there is not a set in stone, one size fits all solution for saving, debt and investing. I believe that the best system is the system thatContinue reading “Savings, Debt & Investing: My View”